The Horse: A Biography of Our Noble Companion - HB

The Horse: A Biography of Our Noble Companion - HB


A very interesting insight into the history of the horse and human relationship
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ISBN: 9781780747934Format: HardbackPages: 320 pagesAuthor: Wendy WilliamsPublisher: BloomsburyAge Group: GeneralSize: 156 x 234 mm
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The meeting of natural and human history, through the life of the horse.

Horses have been immensely helpful to mankind through history; we've used them for work, transport, and sport. They even played a key role in confirming and then refining Darwin's theory of evolution.
But do they get anything out of this relationship with us? And what would have happened if we'd simply left them alone?
Williams traces the history of the horse from its origins to the present day. She explores the horse-human relationship through history, taking us from Solutre, where thousands of horses were butchered, through to their domestic relationship with us which began 6,000 years ago.
The Horse is a search for an answer to the question of what it's like to be horse, ending with a look ahead to what the future holds for humans and equines

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