The Rats of Tobruk - Charles Chauvel Collection - DVD

The Rats of Tobruk - Charles Chauvel Collection - DVD


70th Anniversary Edition
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ISBN: DVROTCCCFormat: DVD NTSCSeries: Chauvel CollectionRated: PGStarring: Grant Taylor, Peter Finch, Chips Rafferty, Pauline GarrickRunning Time: 96 mins approxCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Charles ChauvelPublisher: Umbrella Entertainment Pty LtdYear Published: 1944DVD Region: Region 4Age Group: General

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When war breaks out, tough-as-leather drover Bluey (Grant Taylor), dingo trapper Milo (Chips Rafferty) and English gent Peter (Peter Finch) ship out to Africa, ready for adventure.

Destined to serve in the North Africa campaign in the 9th Division they become involved in the siege of Tobruk, holding up the advance of Pommel's forces for months. Beleaguered and battle weary the friends fight on, proving to be a considerable challenge to the enemy and a boon to the Allied war effort.

Also featuring George Wallace and Joe Valli, Chauvel's bold tale of war gives life to the many heroic tales of mateship during WWII. Fully restored and presented in a brand new transfer, The Rats of Tobruk is a rousing tribute to the many brave soldiers who served their nation.

Special Features

The Big Picture - Featurette on Charles Chauvel - 74 mins
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