Riding your new horse - Pippa Funnell – DVD

Riding your new horse - Pippa Funnell – DVD


An insight into "How To" with Pippa Funnell
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ISBN: DVRYNHFormat: DVDRated: E - ExemptRunning Time: 90 mins approxCountry of Origin: UKPublisher: Equestrian VisionDVD Region: Region 4Age Group: General
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One of the great strengths of the double European and badminton Champion is her ability to forge successful partnerships with her new horses and she cannot stress strongly enough the importance of developing that unique relationship.

In this video Pippa sets out a series of exercises to help assess the new horse and then deal with and work on some of the common problems.

Three horses of differing ability and experience are used in the flatwork and showjumping exercises with Pippa riding Four and Six year olds and then teaching a pupil on the third more experienced but older horse.

The programme concludes with an introduction to cross country riding and in particular how to start off your training for this discipline.

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