Enjoying Dressage - DVD

Enjoying Dressage - DVD


This is an easy to learn guide which everyone will find easy to watch and understand.
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ISBN: DVEDFormat: DVDRated: E - ExemptRunning Time: 86 mins approxCountry of Origin: UKPublisher: Equestrian VisionDVD Region: Region 4Age Group: General
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In the first of a progressive series of programmes Richard Davison sets out the fundamental principles of good dressage with the help of training pupils and his wife Gillian.

Says Richard “Horses go as good as we ride them; Dressage is horse gymnastics and riders require self discipline and control – this may sound serious and it is but you can also have lots of laughs along the way”. In the first programme in the series Richard concentrates on the rider’s position and how the rider influences the horse’s way of going.

The chapters of the programme are:

The riders position
The seat bones
Correcting positional faults
The sitting trot
‘The going on his own’ exercise
Response to the riders leg
Accepting the bit
Half halt
Riding a circle
Riding a corner

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