Spirit Riders - Family Horse Movie - DVD

Spirit Riders - Family Horse Movie - DVD
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ISBN: DVSRIDERSFormat: DVD PALRated: PG (Mild themes, course language and violence)Starring: Alexandria Deberry, Lance Henriksen, C Thomas Howell, Carol HickeyRunning Time: 92 minutesCountry of Origin: USADirector: Brian T. JaynesPublisher: Eagle EntertainmentYear Published: 2015DVD Region: Region 4Age Group: General

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I found this one a little slow at times, but the story line is quite good. I really enjoyed the character Rex, he reminds me of my Grandfather.

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In this touching family drama, Kacie Lewis is a rebellious 17-year-old girl struggling with guilt and anger after witnessing the death of her younger brother.

When Kacie is arrested and sentenced to a work-release programme at Spirit Riders, an equine therapy camp, she is clearly out of her element. However, she finds a kindred spirit in Blaze, a retired racehorse.

Under the guidance of the ranch's no-nonsense owner, Kacie helps retrain Blaze and in the process, learns how to let go of the past, forgive herself and set her spirit free.

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