The Legend of Longwood - Family Horse Movie - DVD

The Legend of Longwood - Family Horse Movie - DVD


"a wonderful dramatic story that will be enjoyed by most who sees it."
- Gerry O KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 13
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ISBN: DVLOLWFormat: DVD PALRated: PG (Mild themes and violence)Starring: Lucy Morton, Thekla Reuten, Fiona Glascott, Lorcan BonnerRunning Time: 94 minutesCountry of Origin: USADirector: Lisa MulcahyPublisher: Reel CorporationYear Published: 2014DVD Region: Region 4Age Group: General
Equitainment Recommended

Equitainment's Comments

This is a movie I really enjoyed.

It draws you in right from the start with the opening scene on the beach. I highly recommend it but maybe not for the younger children.

Product Overview

When 12-year-old Mickey Miller moves from New York to Ireland, she soon discovers a link between herself and the 300-year-old legend of the mysterious Black Knight, who regularly haunts the sleepy Irish village.

With courage and a sharp mind, she sets out to save a precious herd of white horses and to thwart the evil plans of a greedy, ambitious woman...

Directed by Lisa Mulcahy and starring newcomer Lucy Morton, Lorcan Bonner, Lorcan Cranitch, Thekla Reuten, Fiona Glascott, Sean Mahon and Miriam Margolyes.

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