American Mustang - Horse Documentary - DVD

American Mustang - Horse Documentary - DVD


Somewhere Between Romance & Reality Lies the Truth
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Code: DVAMMUSTISBN: 9344256012983Format: DVD NTSCRated: PGStarring: Daryl Hannah, Alison Eastwood, Luke NeubertRunning Time: 68 minutesCountry of Origin: USADirector: Monty MirandaPublisher: UmbrellaYear Published: 2013DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General

Equitainment's Comments

This is an interesting way of presenting a documentary. It follows the story of a young girl working at a barn where a newly adopted mustang is being trained. (The Romance)

Throughout the story the documentary side comes in, with footage and narrative by Darryl Hannah of the wild mustangs. (The Truth)

I found it giving me the chance to view both sides.

Product Overview

In the vast expanse of the USA there are more mustangs being held in captivity than allowed to live free in the wild.

The heated struggle to protect wild horses from excess roundups has been raging for decades between the Bureau of Land Management, cattle ranchers and wild horse activists.
An engaging blend of exquisite nature documentary and character-driven narrative, American Mustang explores the majestic wild horses of the American West in their element, in a story about the battle-hardened special interest groups fighting for the lives of these extraordinary wild animals.

Featuring Daryl Hannah, Alison Eastwood alongside breathtaking photography and vivid imagery of the great American landscape to tell a complex and controversial tale of survival, American Mustang is a heartfelt and insightful look into a living, breathing piece of American history.

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