The Essence of Good Horsemanship

The Essence of Good Horsemanship


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Code: RJ03ISBN: 9780646930909Format: Soft coverPages: 172 pagesAuthor: Jacobs, RossAge Group: GeneralSize: 23 x 15 cm
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Equitainment's Comments

This book will really open your eyes to a different way of seeing things. The way we approach training and understanding the "thought" in a horse.

I really enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to any horse person.

Product Overview

The Essence of Good Horsemanship is like no other book written about horse behaviour and training.

It discusses the essential parameters that every horse person needs to consider in order to reach a horse's full potential, and achieve a harmonious relationship. It also gives an in depth explanation why these essentials are important and work so well. Reading this book is a revelation into aspects of horse behaviour and training that are hardly ever discussed or explained. This book looks at what makes horses tick from the inside and how we can approach the training to influence a horse's thoughts and emotions to get the best in their performance.

Ross Jacobs is a horse trainer, clinician and author who started with horses at a very early age. He has written two volumes of collected short stories about horsemanship that are also available. He lives in Australia and travels around the country and internationally to teach good horsemanship to a growing audience of people hungry for good information and his style of explaining how to best get along with horses in the training process. Ross has a world-wide following through clinics and popular articles and on his blog and Facebook page. You can find out about Ross at

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