Lighthorsemen, The - DVD

Lighthorsemen, The - DVD
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ISBN: DVLHMFormat: DVD (PAL)Series: LighthorseRated: PGStarring: Peter Phelps, Sigrid Thornton, Jon BlakeRunning Time: 131 mins approxCountry of Origin: AustraliaYear Published: 1987DVD Region: Region 4Age Group: Adult
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This is an all-time favourite Aussie movie with so many fans, it's great to see it's making a return to DVD.

It's amazing to see (historically speaking) what the poor Australian Lighthorse had to go through, and helps give a greater understanding of the suffering of war. It's extra sad to know that the Australian Lighthorsemen weren't allowed to bring their horses home with them at the end of the war due to quarantine restrictions, and many soldiers chose to shoot their best mates rather than leave them to their fate in the middle east. Only one horse from the thousand's sent over, returned to Australia at the end of the war.

This movie has an all-star Australian cast such as Peter Phelps and Sigrid Thornton, but tragically this is the last movie of Jon Blake's who was seriously injuired in a car accident not long after filming.

Jody xx

VALE JON BLAKE: Sadly the brilliant young Australian actor Jon Blake has passed away, 25 years after his devestating car accident on the way home from the final day of filming 'THE LIGHTHORSEMAN".

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An all time Australian classic movie retelling on of the most famous and heroic cavalry charges history has ever known.

1917: The British campaign in Palestine is stalemated - the Turco-German army holds a formidable line from Gaza on the coast to Beersheba in the forbidding drylands between Sinai and the Dead Sea.

In a final attempt to save the attacking British Army from disaster, everything depends on the 800 young Australian horsemen who obey the seemingly impossible order to gallop their horses across three miles of open desert into a hell of shell fire and machine gun crossfire.

Smashing their way through Turkish defenses to win the precious wells of Beersheba, they change the history of the Middle East.

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