Australians At War Collection: The Digger, For Valour, The Anzac Spirit - DVD

Australians At War Collection:  The Digger, For Valour, The Anzac Spirit - DVD
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ISBN: DVAAWCFormat: DVD (PAL) - 3 Disc SetRated: MRunning Time: 167 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaPublisher: Umbrella Entertainment Pty LtdDVD Region: 4 (AUST & NZ)Age Group: Adult
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Three unique documentaries of courage & endurance.

THE DIGGER: Featuring dramatic re-enactments, The Digger is a captivating journey across the battlefields and trenches of the world - from South Africa and Egypt, to the Western Front, New Guinea, Korea and Vietnam - telling the many individual stories of heroes, larrikins, good blokes and mates who represented their country and endured the tremendous hardship and sacrifices of war. Some with names we may know, most never made it into the history books.

They were men who wrote letters, told jokes, sang songs and fought fiercely - their encounters from the Boer War to Vietnam are brought to life in breathtaking action and expertly researched authenticity, celebrating the everlasting pathos and honouring the legend of the true blue Aussie Digger.

FOR VALOUR: The Victoria Cross is the most coveted and honoured decoration available to members of the Australian Defence Force.
Journey down the Remembrance Highway, from Sydney to Canberra's Australian War Memorial where 22 ordinary Australians are remembered for their extraordinary deeds of courage and sacrifice. From as far back as the 1857 Sepoy Rebellion 96 soldiers associated with Australia have received this honour - among them Neville Howse (later Major General) who faced enemy fire during the second Boer War to rescue a fallen trumpeter. Despite being shot in the neck and chest John Edmondson risked and lost his life at the siege of Tobruk to aid an officer in distress and during the Vietnam War Keith Payne went behind enemy lines to aid the rescue of "about 40" injured and lost soldiers.

THE ANZAC SPIRIT: When things are tough - whether it be on the sports field, in the face of natural disaster - there is an internal strength summoned up in order to cope with the adversity - it is known as the Anzac Spirit. This spirit, shown by the original Anzacs on Gallipoli, in the Middle East and on the Western Front is well recognised. But what were the unique qualities displayed by the Anzacs that combined to forge The Anzac Spirit?


Through the resources of the Australian War memorial - photographs, documents, objects - Neil Pigot tells six stories of the Anzacs, each illustrating one of these qualities and all in combination bringing to life the very best examples of The Anzac Spirit.

Special Features

THE DIGGER: Finding the Digger – Making of featurette – 15 mins
Extended interview with Peter Cosgrove
FOR VALOUR: Interview with Keith Payne V.C. – 13 mins
Interview with Ted Kenna V.C. – 7 mins

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