Advance Australia Fair - Children's Picture Book - PB

Advance Australia Fair - Children's Picture Book - PB


Includes the entire Advance Australia Fair words.
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ISBN: 9780207185991Format: PaperbackSeries: AustralianaCountry of Origin: AustraliaPublisher: Harper CollinsAge Group: ChildrenSize: 24 x 25 cms

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A fresh edition of Australia's National Anthem - beautifully illustrated by well-known Australian artists.

In this book , the words and music of Australia's National anthem are accompanied by paintings from some of Australia's finest artists: Fredrick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Margaret Preston, Russel Drysdale, Albert Namatjira and others.

The first public performance of Australia's national anthem is thought to have been given in Sydney on 30 November 1878 at the St Andrew's Day concert of the Highland Society. The singer was a Mr Andrew Fairfax. It gained favour as a national song, and sung by a choir of 10,000 at the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1 January 1901. The Australian Labor Party policy for the 1972 elections included finding an alternative anthem to God Save the Queen. A competition was held but despite the large number of submissions received, none were considered acceptable. A couple of opinion polls in 1974 and 1977 followed, but it wasn't until 1984 that the song was formally adopted as Australia's only national anthem.

Turn the pages through history and song, and advance Australia fair! Ages 4+

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