40,000 Forty Thousand Horsemen - Classic Australian Movie - DVD

40,000 Forty Thousand Horsemen - Classic Australian Movie - DVD


A long lost Charles Chauvel Australian classic finally back in print.
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ISBN: DVFTHFormat: PAL DVDStarring: Chips Rafferty, Grant Taylor, Pat TwohillRunning Time: 100 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Charles ChauvelYear Published: 1940DVD Region: 4 (Aust & NZ)Age Group: Adults
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Equitainment's Comments

I'm so thrilled to see this movie FINALLY make it to DVD. And even better ... the copy has been completely digitally re-mastered, so it's a lovely, clear copy!

And there's more good news too. Throughout this year many more of the CHARLES CHAUVEL movies will be gradually released on DVD. YIPPEEEEEEEE!

In case you aren't familiar with Chauvel's work, he was a pioneer of the Australian Film Industry who gained international acclaim as both an actor and director, and introduced us all to acting legends such as Chips Rafferty. His movies all had a very distinctive Aussie flavour with JEDDA, his final movie, breaking new ground by both casting two Aboriginal actors in the lead roles, and also by being the first Australian movie shot in colour.

I often field enquiries for various James Chauvel films, so I know there are going to be a lot of people very happy to see they are finally being released.


1920 Robbery Under Arms (Actor)
1920 The Shadow of Lightning Ridge (Actor)
1920 The Jackeroo of Coolabong (Actor)
1922 Captain Fly-By-Night (Actor)
1922 The Man from the Desert (Actor)
1923 Strangers of the Night (Actor)
1926 The Moth of Moonbi (Actor)
1926 Greenhide (Actor)
1933 In the Wake of the Bounty (Actor)
1935 Heritage (Actor)
1936 Uncivilised (Actor)
1936 Rangle River (Actor)
1937 Screen Test (Actor)
1940 Forty Thousand Horsemen (Director)
1942 Soldiers Without Uniform (Director)
1942 Power to Win (Director)
1943 A Mountain Goes to Sea (Director)
1943 While There is Still Time (Director)
1943 Russia Aflame (Director)
1944 The Rats of Tobruk (Director)
1949 Sons of Matthew (Director)
1955 Jedda (Director)

Product Overview

Charles Chauvel's 1940 cinematic tribute to the mounted troops of the Australian Light Horse regiments is a rousing call to arms, giving life to the heroic tales of mateship during the Great War.

Best mates Red Gallagher (Grant Taylor), Jim (Chips Rafferty) and Larry (Pat Twohill) face a challenging time as soldiers in 1916. Stationed in Egypt with the promise of grand adventure, all they seem to manage is casual mischief in the Cairo nightclubs.

But when German-backed Turkish forces attack British outposts in the Sinai desert, the soldiers climb into the saddle as mounted troops of the Australian Light Horse, participating in a fierce battle at Romani and on to Gaza. With fellow soldiers falling to the enemy, Red and his colleagues must overcome the odds and find the courage to contemplate one final charge - a deadly assault across open ground to Beersheba.

A masterful achievement of sight and sound, Chauvel staged the epic charge with 500 active members of the Light Horse and captured their dynamic assault with camera work by legendary cinematographers such as John Heyer, Tasman Higgins, Frank Hurley, Bert Nicholas and Damien Parer. Fully restored and presented in a brand new transfer, Forty Thousand Horsemen documents a most remarkable era of Australian wartime history.


The Big Picture - Featurette on Charles Chauvel, his wife Elsa, the films and their importance in Australian film history - 50 mins TBCTrailer Stills Gallery

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