First Dog - Family Dog Movie DVD

First Dog - Family Dog Movie DVD


Featuring original songs by Dolly Parton
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ISBN: DVFDFormat: PAL DVDRated: PGStarring: Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister, John-Paul HowardRunning Time: 94 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Bryan Michael StollerYear Published: 2010DVD Region: 4 (Aust & NZ)Age Group: Family
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The story begins when "The First Dog" Teddy is accidentally left behind after the President appears at a dedication ceremony.

Thousands of miles from home the dog is found by a young boy Danny Milbright (John-Paul Howard) who discovers that Teddy belongs to the President of the United States (Eric Roberts) - but no one believes him.

And so begins an exciting road adventure filled with hardships friendships and suspense as Danny runs away from his foster home to return The First Dog to the White House -- because - "It's the right thing to do!"

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