All the King's Horses - PB

All the King's Horses - PB


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ISBN: 9781619215078Format: PaperbackPages: 296 pagesCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Gallagher, LaurenPublisher: SamhainAge Group: Restricted AdultSize: 14 x 22 cms
1st Edition
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Contains two people who set the sheets on fire every chance they get… well, except when they don’t get anywhere near a bed. Which is more often than not, because, hey, when you want it, you want it. Book also contains a lot of lost souls, four-legged and two-legged alike, who made the author cry a few times, and seriously, she doesn’t do that. Like, ever. You’ve been warned.
c/- Samhain Publishing.

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Amy's dream to become a professional horse trainer hasn't come without a price. Career pressure, combined with a difficult marriage to an oppressive husband, has sucked away every last bit of joy the horses used to bring her.

At her husband's untimely death, she takes a job as a farmhand. Yet her emotional wounds are too deep and wide to recapture what she's lost. Dustin senses there's something off about his new farmhand. For someone who knows her way around a barn, she's unnervingly indifferent toward horses. Especially the pair of Tennessee Walkers he's just rescued.

Instinct tells him that no matter how hard she tries not to care, the horses and the woman need each other. As Amy and Dustin bond with the traumatized horses, something unexpected happens. The sparks between them ignite into a night of stormy passion.

As Amy's soul comes back to life, though, she feels the pull to return to her old life. She just hadn't planned on having someone to leave behind.

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