And They're Off - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD

And They're Off - Region 1 (NTSC) DVD


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ISBN: DVATOFormat: NTSC DVDStarring: Sean Astin, Cheri Oteri, Martin MullRunning Time: 90 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Rob SchillerYear Published: 2011DVD Region: Region 1 (USA)Age Group: General
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Equitainment's Comments

I've long been a fan of a good mockumentary going all the way back to the immortal This Is Spinal Tap. And wasn't the more recent Best In Show about all the show dog mum's and dad's just hilarious!

Although this one is good fun, it's not in the same league as the mockumentary greats. I wish someone would do one based in the world of show horses. With all the Jilly Cooper type spice, the tears, tantrums and tiaras, wouldn't that make for some hilarious viewing.

Jody xxx

Product Overview

A riotous mockumentary style comedy in the style of BEST IN SHOW.

Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri star in the indie comedy AND THEY'RE OFF, a the story of a losing thoroughbred horse trainer (Astin) whose only chance to save his career and get back into the winner's circle is to hire his erratic ex-girlfriend/jockey (Oteri), who is equally as desperate to get back into HIS circle.

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