Ride from Within - Use Tai Chi Principles to Awaken Natural Balance and Rhythm - HB

Ride from Within - Use Tai Chi Principles to Awaken Natural Balance and Rhythm - HB


The book companion to the best-selling Ride From Within DVD's
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ISBN: 9780851319230Format: HardbackPages: 272 pagesAuthor: Shaw, JamesPublisher: J A AllenAge Group: General
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In this groundbreaking book James Shaw teaches how the practice of tai chi - an ancient Chinese art that unifies the body mind and spirit in a series of flowing movements - can help riders achieve an oft-dreamed of connection with their horse.

This book teaches equestrians the techniques of the internal arts that have proven so effective for good riding: concentration focus breathing relaxation and range of motion. Through a blend of instructional information and anecdotes from James's personal experiences readers will gain great understanding of how horses and humans were designed to move.

Ride from Within helps to develop a sensitive seat and learn to use your breath as an aid, reduce tension unconsciously held in your hands, lower your centre of balance and expand your centre, create free movement in your lower back and spine and heal pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and hands. James Shaw's techniques have worked for hundreds of riders, and with practice they will work for you. As you gain Tai Chi experience and apply it to your riding, you will find your horsemanship becoming not just more skilled, but more deeply satisfying. You and your horse will simply be one.


James Shaw has been a student of the martial arts for twenty years. By combining the structural balance of Tai Chi, the energy work of Chi Gong, and the healing aspects of Laing Gong, James has created his Unique Tai Chi for the Equestrian. James' techniques work for all types of riders and have been successfully applied by recreational, professional and Olympic-level equestrians.

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