Tai Chi for Equestrians with James Shaw - DVD

Tai Chi for Equestrians with James Shaw - DVD


Cross training DVD for riders of all ages and levels.
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ISBN: DVTCFEFormat: DVDAuthor: Shaw, JamesPublisher: James ShawDVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General

Product Overview

Get fit and rider ready, with the benefits of Tai Chi.

Benefits of Tai Chi for the Rider.

Develop your mental focus and internal strength.
Train your body to align naturally with gravity for maximum balance.
Learn to recognize and release tension in the body.
Create harmony, grace and suppleness between your body and mind, which leads to a stronger connection with your horse.

James has been a student of the martial arts for over 25 years focusing on the internal arts-Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Laing Gong. James combines the mechanics of how the human and equine bodies were designed to move with the biomechanics of martial arts.

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