Advanced Dressage Riding: Novice & Elementary Level with Michael Putz - DVD

Advanced Dressage Riding: Novice & Elementary Level with Michael Putz - DVD


A terrific training DVD for lower level dressage tests.
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ISBN: DVADRNAEFormat: NTSC - DVDCountry of Origin: GermanyAuthor: Putz, MichaelPublisher: German Equestrian FederationDVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General
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A terrific dressage training DVD for lower levels developed by the German Equestrian Federation.

A sound dressage training is the necessary basis for riders of all equestrian disciplines. Riding the different dressage exercises improves the harmonious movements of horses and riders which is finally the basis for sport success. It is important to start the lessons with useful preparatory exercises and to use the aids correctly.

This FN-training film features all important exercises of novice and elementary level and includes the rider’s aids in detail. It shows how to accomplish the exercises in the daily training and how to solve possible problems. Short summaries outline the rider’s aids and are useful for everyday training.

The film is completed by the comments of the well-known instructor Michael Putz. His assessment of a novice level dressage exercise help viewers to evaluate and understand the quality of the single dressage exercises.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Putz, a successful rider in all disciplines up to advanced class level, 'Pferdewirtschafts- meister' (German professional equestrian qualification) and holder of the "Goldenes Reitabzeichen", has many years of experience as a trainer and competition judge at all levels of training, in dressage as well as show jumping.

For over 15 years Michael Putz was Director of the Westfälische Reit- und Fahrschule (Westphalian Riding and Driving School) in Münster. Since 2001 he has been working as a freelance dressage trainer. He is co-author of the "Principles of Riding and Driving" Volumes 1 and 2 as well as the "Sportlehre" and also author of numerous professional articles in equestrian magazines.

Michael Putz works as an authorised equestrian expert and is a member of committees, working groups and associations.

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