Sheeba - DVD

Sheeba - DVD
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ISBN: DVSHEEFormat: PAL DVDRated: GStarring: Eward Asner, Dylan Patton, Judge ReinholdRunning Time: 90 minsCountry of Origin: USAYear Published: 2005DVD Region: Regin 4 (Aust)Age Group: Family

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When Clay (Dylan Patton) has to move away from his friends and the bright lights of New York City, he is far from happy.

Small town life with his grandfather (Ed Asner) is lonely and boring. Clay s father (Judge Reinhold), a New York firefighter, has to stay behind, and the separation makes matters worse. Clay finds comfort and friendship with his new dog Sheeba, but he soon has to deal with the town bully Wax. Clay doesn t back down, but the more he tries to stand up for himself, the more trouble ensues.

Wax takes Sheeba, forcing Clay to outsmart the mean teenager. As the adventure unfolds, Clay finds himself in some serious trouble, but Clay s father (with a little help from Sheeba) pulls him out of harm s way in the nick of time.

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