Diamond Dog Caper - DVD

Diamond Dog Caper - DVD


A welcome throwback to simpler, gentler breed of family entertainment.
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ISBN: DVDDCFormat: PAL DVDRated: PGStarring: Brittany Curran, French Stewart, Kelly Perine, Luke BenwardRunning Time: 108 MinsCountry of Origin: USDirector: Mark StoufferYear Published: 2008DVD Region: Region 4 (Aust)Age Group: Family

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French Stewart (Third Rock From the Sun) stars in this slapstick caper about a young boy who rescues an abused dog from a pack of jewel thieves.

After saving the pet from the criminals, 12-year-old Owen dodges their pursuit by hiding out in a fort in the woods, rigging it with gadgets and clever traps to keep the invaders out. What he doesn't know is that the dog is carrying a stash of stolen jewels, and the bad guys just might do anything to get it back!

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