Seeker and Fetch - DVD

Seeker and Fetch - DVD
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ISBN: DVSAFFormat: PAL DVDRated: GStarring: Carl Chamberlin, Drew Lanning, Britt MyerRunning Time: 78 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: John RhodeYear Published: 2011DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Family

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Ana Adell loves animals so much that she has turned her home into a lost and found for missing pets. Her beloved Seeker, a Border Collie who cannot smell and Fetch, an almost blind Pot Belly Pig, have inherited Anas desire to help their animal friends.

Shortly after adopting this dynamic duo, Ana stumbles across their special talent of locating lost or displaced animals. Almost on a daily basis they go out into the forest and return with another lost friend for Ana to help.

In the beginning this was great, as Ana loved to care for and help the lost animas find their home. But when Seeker and Fetch bring home more animals than Ana can possibly keep up with, chaos ensues and her neighbour Mr Groveland reports Ana to the local authorities. Faced with a dilemma, Ana doesnt know what to do or where to turn for help.

Now it is up to Seeker and Fetch and their merry band of animal friends to come up with a plan to save the day!

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