A Dog Named Duke - DVD

A Dog Named Duke - DVD


A tale of second chances inspired by true events.
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ISBN: DVADNDFormat: PAL DVDSeries: DogRated: PGStarring: Steven Webber, Sarah Smyth, Allison Hossack, April TelleckRunning Time: 90 minsCountry of Origin: CanadaDirector: Mark JeanYear Published: 2012DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General Adult

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Terry Polaski is a disabled Marine trying to avoid a medical discharge. When his wife brings home a stray Border Collie, Duke, Terry quickly falls in love with the intuitive animal, and the two become fast friends.

Ten years later, Duke and Terry are homeless when Duke suddenly falls desperately ill. Terry fears that Duke has suffered a stroke and leaves him on the doorstep of a vet clinic with a heartfelt note asking for the veterinarian to please help him sleep. The vet is moved by Terry's letter, and her team nurses Duke back to health.

They start a campaign to locate Duke's owner, including lawyers and newspaper articles. Terry's daughter, Alice, sees the article, and realises that her long lost father is still alive. She locates him and helps him retrieve Duke from the clinic. Alice, Duke, and Terry are re-united, and happy to have a second chance to share each other's lives.

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