The Stray - DVD

The Stray - DVD


Hide and seek, anyone?
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ISBN: DVSTRAYFormat: PAL DVDStarring: Mason Johnson, Dunham Stewart, Trey LoneyRunning Time: 88 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: John RhodeYear Published: 2012DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: Family

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Summer school, what a bummer! That is what Mason, Aidan, Maddie, and Olivia are thinking on the first day of school.

Bored, the four of them are daydreaming about what they might be doing if they weren't in school. But when a cute little stray pup they name Chewy wanders into their school, the days are anything but boring.

The four of them must unite to help keep Chewy out sight of the principal, Ms Thistle. What develops is an elaborate game of hide and seek as they not only try to keep Chewy from being discovered, but also clean up the messes he leaves behind. The kids come up with one creative hiding place after another, even enlisting the help of school staff members to keep Chewy's presence under wraps.

This game of hide and seek can't last forever, or can it? Or will Ms Thistle catch on to their little secret and capture them red handed in possession of The Stray?

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