Vintage Black Beauty Double: Black Beauty (1946) & Courage of Black Beauty (1957)

Vintage Black Beauty Double:  Black Beauty (1946) & Courage of Black Beauty (1957)


Movie Double Set
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Code: DVVBBISBN: 9345228001806Format: PAL DVDSeries: Black BeautyRated: GCountry of Origin: USADirector: Harold D SchusterYear Published: 1947 and 1956Age Group: Family
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I'm so excited that both these movies are making a long overdue re-appearance. I've been looking for them for many years and I've never been able to track a decent copy down of either title.

The Courage of Black Beauty was directed by Harold D Schuster, the same man who directed the original My Friend Flicka movie starring Roddy McDowell. Although Anna Sewell's name (the origianl Black Beauty author) is prominently mentioned in the credits, it's not based on the original story at all. It's a typical animal movie from the American 1950's when the studio's were churning them out in great numbers on a low budget. Who can forget the famous Lassie ("Timmy's in the well") TV series from the same period?

The 1947 version of Black Beauty starred the very famous "Highland Dale", the second highest paid hollywood animal actor after Lassie. Among his many roles he was also the magnificent black horse that Elizabeth Taylor rode in the movie "Giant" and the wonderful star of the movie "Gypsy Colt", before most famously settling into the role of "Fury" in the long running television series.

These movies may not be an Academy Award winners, but I am so thrilled to see a couple of oldies back in circulation, and both are a must have for all horse movie collectors.

Jody xxx

Product Overview

Here are two golden oldies for all avid film collectors. These older movies don't come on the market very often and are well worth grabbing while you can.

Black Beauty (1946)

Widower Squire Weldon (Charles Evans). trying to raise his motherless daughter, Anne (Mona Freeman) presents her with a colt, Black Beauty (Highland Dale), in the hope that by disciplining the horse, she may learn to discipline herself. Passing through Birtwick Farms, Bill Dixon (Richard Denning), a young American, arouses Anne's interest when he expresses his hope of finding a "Very beautiful young colt" when he returns to England in two years. When he returns, however, his attitude brings Anne to the realization that she is still considered a "child."

Courage of Black Beauty (1957):

Feeling alienated from his rancher father John Bryant (Johnny Crawford) invests all his affections in his pet foal. Through his love for the horse (who of course grows up to become Black Beauty) Crawford learns to better appreciate his own lot in life. For a while, it looks as though the horse will be destroyed, but when this doesn't happen, Crawford draws even closer to his dad.

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