Between Wars - DVD

Between Wars - DVD


One mans discovery. Every soldiers nightmare.
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ISBN: DVBWARFormat: PAL DVDRated: MStarring: Arthur Dignam, Corin Redgrave, Judy MorrisRunning Time: 96 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Kevin DunnYear Published: 1974DVD Region: Region 4 (Aust & NZ)Age Group: Adult
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Spanning three decades, Between Wars is the captivating story of revered Sydney psychiatrist Dr Edward Trenbow, his dedication to the field of medical science and subsequent exploration into the medicine of the mind.

Taking up residency at Callan Park Asylum in the 1920s, Dr Trenbow embarks on a journey of groundbreaking medical discoveries - using returned soldiers as his subjects - researching theories of psychoanalysis and administering various physical treatments in order to better understand the horrors of war and the long lasting effects it has on the mind.

Featuring a superb supporting cast including Judy Morris, Arthur Dignam, Peter Cummins and directed by Michael Thornhill with Russell Boyd's classy cinematography, Between Wars is a moving portrayal of a well-respected man who would go on to make the first substantial recordings of post traumatic stress disorder.

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