Pony Power Volume 2: A Day at the Pony Power Stables - DVD

Pony Power Volume 2: A Day at the Pony Power Stables - DVD


A brilliant new series for all young pony lovers.
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ISBN: DVPP2DAYFormat: PAL DVDSeries: Pony PowerRated: Not RatedRunning Time: 26 MinsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Jennifer WalkerYear Published: 2012DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: 0-12+ years
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Equitainment's Comments

I just love this new series so much. The ponies are to-die-for cute and the episodes are both fun and informative.

I've heard a whisper from The Pony Fairy that this show may be appearing on the TV in the future, plus The Pony Fairy also has another programme in the pipeline too. I'm so excited ... I can't wait.

Jody xxxx

PS Pony Fairy ... if the Pony Power Ponies are missing from their stables one night, you might find them all living with me!

Product Overview

Join us behind the scenes at the Pony Power Stables, meet the adorable baby foal and watch it take it's very first steps.

Enjoy plenty of pony facts, see Twinkles the pony get a new set of shoes, meet the very cheeky stable kittens Pip and Squeak.

Marvel at the young and daring Pony Power riders as they practise movie trick and stunt routines. Then join us for an exciting treasure hunt in the hay.

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