Golden Fiddles - Mini Series - DVD

Golden Fiddles - Mini Series - DVD


Based on the book written by MARY GRANT BRUCE. Narrated by BUD TINGWELL.
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ISBN: DVGFFormat: PAL DVDSeries: AustralianaStarring: Rachael Friend, Cameron Daddo, John Bach, Justine Clarke, Peter BraunsteinRunning Time: 176 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Claude FournierYear Published: 1991DVD Region: 4 (Aust)Age Group: Family
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This is a lovely adaptation of the book written in 1928 by Mary Grant Bruce, the wonderful lady who wrote the "Billagong" children's series. It stars a very young Cameron Daddo, just before he left for the USA to pursue his acting career, as well as many other Aussie legends in this all-star cast.

It's very light, enjoyable viewing and on that I can highly recommend.

Jody xx

Product Overview

Adapted from the 1928 novel by Mary Grant Bruce, author of the popular Billabong series of children's books, Golden Fiddles is a life-affirming family drama, exploring the hardships and ever-present turmoil during the Great Depression.

Walter and Anne Balfour's small South Australian farm yields barely enough to feed them and their four children. With little money to speak of and the bank hounding them for monthly mortgage payments, life is anything but blissful. Forced to sell a beloved pony to make ends meet and yearning to provide a better life for his family, Walter is a broken man. But when Anne receives a letter informing her that her recently deceased uncle has bequeathed a sum of over 400,000 pounds, the Belfour's face a dramatic change in both lifestyle and location. Optimism reigns, with plans to uproot the family and leave their small farm for the bustling city of Adelaide. The Belfour's begin an exciting journey, where their good fortune and new-found wealth will challenge and change each and every one of them in ways they never quite imagined.

Accurately capturing an era of economic and social upheaval, this Logie Award winning Australian/Canadian miniseries, from the producer of Sara Dane, Under Capricorn and Robbery Under Arms features Justine Clarke, Cameron Daddo, John Bach, Kate Nelligan, Pippa Grandison and Penne Hackforth-Jones.

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