Miracle of the White Stallions - NTSC (Region 1) DVD

Miracle of the White Stallions - NTSC (Region 1) DVD


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ISBN: DVMOTWSFormat: NTSC DVDStarring: Robert Taylor, Lilli Palmer, Curt Jurgens, Eddie AlbertRunning Time: 93 MinsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Arthur HillerPublisher: DisneyYear Published: 1963DVD Region: Region 1 (USA)Age Group: Family
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Here is another brilliant movie that has been much too hard to find. I remember this was one of my favourite Saturday midday movies and must have watched it a million times.

The real Colonel Alois Podhajsky, the man who ran the Spanish Riding School in Vienna for many years, choreographed all the equestrian performances, but the red coats featured in the gala sequence are not authentic. Apparently Disney thought that the traditional brown uniforms were not spectacular enough for Hollywood and they were replaced by the resplendid red coats.

Product Overview

One of the great untold stories of World War II unfolds in this suspenseful adventure-drama.

During the last perilous months of the conflict, Vienna's famed Spanish Riding School -- and its prized Lipizzan stallions -- is threatened by devastating bombing raids and indifferent Nazi commanders.

Despite the dangers involved in evacuating the magnificent animals, the school's director (Robert Taylor) and a handful of heroic citizens attempt a daring, life-threatening plan to move the stallions away from the ravages of war and, more importantly, keep the historic breed alive

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