Red Pony, The - Unabridged Audio Book

Red Pony, The - Unabridged Audio Book


A classic story by Nobel Prize winning author, John Steinbeck.
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ISBN: 9780142429259Format: Audio CDRunning Time: 3 hours approxCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Steinbeck, JohnPublisher: PenguinAge Group: Children
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I loved this book as a child although it did give me nightmares at the time. If you're a fan of John Steinbecks fiction (Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden) then you will know they can be pretty harrowing. I can't tell you what happens in the this story or I'll spoil it, but it is brilliant and cetainly one that all mature children and adults will want to read and keep.

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Like most ten-year-old boys, Jody Tiflin has the urge for rebellion as well as the need to be loved.

In these stories, Jody begins to learn about adulthood - it's pains, it's responsibilities and it's problems - through his acceptance of his father's gifts. First he is given a red pony and later he is promised the colt of a bay mare. Yet both of these gifts bring tragedy as well as joy, and Jody is taught not only the harsh lessons of life and death, but made painfully aware of the fallibility of adults.

John Steinbeck's masterpiece celebrates the spirit and courage of adolescence. Steinbeck draws on his memories of childhood in these stories about a boy who embodies both the rebellious spirit and the contradictory desire for acceptance of early adolescence.

Unlike most coming-of-age stories, the cycle does not end with a hero "matured" by circumstances. Reversing common interpretations, "The Red Pony" is imbued with a sense of loss. Jody's encounters with birth and death express a common theme in Steinbeck's fiction: They are parts of the ongoing process of life, "resolving" nothing.

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