Nature, Nurture and Horses - HB

Nature, Nurture and Horses - HB


A Journal of Four Dressage Horses-From Birth Through the First Year of Training
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ISBN: 9781570765315Format: HardbackSeries: DressagePages: 150 pagesAuthor: Belasik, PaulPublisher: Trafalgar SquareAge Group: GeneralSize: 25 x 21 cms

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In the spring and summer of 2007, four horses were born. In this new book, the reader follows these four horsesall siblings that grew up togetherfrom their birth through their breaking-in and first year of training, a span of almost four years.

Along the way Belasik explores the breaking and training system he has used for almost 40 years, on hundreds of horses. This training system evolved to prepare the classical dressage horse but it has been adapted to become a universally elementary education for a sport horse of almost any riding discipline. In addition he shares an intimate glimpse of the life of a horsemana breeder, trainer, teacher, and writer.

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