Seven 7 Deadly Sins of Dressage - HB

Seven 7 Deadly Sins of Dressage - HB


How to Overcome Human Nature and Become a More Just, Generous Riding Partner for Your Horse!
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ISBN: 9781570764851Format: HardbackSeries: DressagePages: 168 pagesAuthor: Puterbaugh, DouglasPublisher: Trafalgar SquareAge Group: General
1st Edition
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Following the Training Scale is not the only key to dressage success. In addition, you must learn how to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins - the cause of most frustration, stagnation, and injury (on the part of rider or horse) in riding today.

Have you committed one of these? In this book you'll find:

* The signs of each of the sins - what you may be doing without even knowing it.
* Steps to overcome them - lessons, exercises, observations.
* Ways to check yourself - when you can move on.

Like the classic deadly sins, the seven deadly sins of dressage presented in this innovative guide—ignorance, timidity, pride, fear, gluttony, impatience, and sloth—wreak havoc on both rider and equine development and training. Calling attention to common mistakes and offering new strategies for avoiding age-old pitfalls, this manual addresses the philosophical issues of incorrect dressage training by examining each vice in depth. Using a touch of humor and sound advice, this guide comes complete with practical exercises, enlightening photographs, and useful information for becoming a better rider and person.

"Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all", wrote Shakespeare. Such words could not be more true than when applied to the sport of dressage—an ancient art still passionately pursued, and one dependent on a rare and delicate balance of truth and honesty between rider and horse.

It is the nature of humans to fall victim to temptations; to sway beneath the considerable pressures of our modern societies; to yield to urges, desires, wants, and "needs". We recognize this in our day-to-day actions, and forgive ourselves regularly for trespasses inherent to motivations common to the twenty-first-century experience, such as ambition, power, money, and success.

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