Coming Together with Klaus Hemphling - DVD

Coming Together with Klaus Hemphling - DVD


By the same best-selling author of DANCING WITH HORSES.
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ISBN: DVCTFormat: PAL DVDRunning Time: 50 MinsCountry of Origin: GermanyAuthor: Klaus HemphlingDVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General
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NOTE: The video clip is not a preview of the DVD listed. It's meant as an introduction to Klaus Hemphling

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The creator of the international best-selling book and video Dancing with Horses returns with this eagerly awaited new programme.

Join other equestrians at a one-day clinic in Switzerland and see how you can learn to 'speak' a language familiar to your horse with your hands, hips and posture. You will see how this unique method of horse training, using physical expression, positive energy, and genuine emotion, can help you approach relationships with your horses in a way that promotes mutual understanding, respect and trust.
Dominance without punishment, collection without rein pressure-these apparent contradictions are explained as the author shows his fascinating method of communication and teaching in which the message is that the path is the goal. In a world which knows only goals, where only winners are important, our attention is directed to the journey itself, a journey which can be marked by constant excitement and experience if we learn to appreciate it full, moment by moment. The natural laws governing horses living in the wild are integrated into a progressive programme using precisely defined body language that works for all types and breeds of horses. The physical and psychic health of the horse remains in the forefront through all phases of the work. No one who is interested in developing truly harmonious relationships with horses can afford to ignore the work and teachings of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. A DVD Dancing with Horses: The Art of Body Language is also available.

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