Training the Modern Jumper with Elmar Pollmann-schweckhorst - DVD

Training the Modern Jumper with Elmar Pollmann-schweckhorst - DVD


Classical concepts and flatwork fundamentals for all jumping horses.
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ISBN: DVTTMJFormat: PAL DVDCountry of Origin: GermanyAuthor: Elmar Pollmann-schweckhorstDVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General
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Internationally renowned jumper rider and trainer Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst reminds us of the advantages of cross-training.

He explains how classical concepts and flatwork fundamentals are critical to the development of a willing, flexible, and ultimately successful jumping partner.

Viewers learn how to skillfully apply the different phases of dressage training to the creation of a jumper capable of excelling on today's complex courses. Carefully filmed to provide a series of practical and applicable lessons useful to riders, trainers, and horses working at a variety of levels, this DVD will help viewers develop their own winning jumpers in the twenty-first century.

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