Academic Horse Training with Dr Andrew McLean - DVD

Academic Horse Training with Dr Andrew McLean - DVD


The science behind horse behaviour by Australian Dr Andrew McLean.
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The principles of Academic Horse Training apply to all horses and all training.

Developed over decades by Australians Dr Andrew and Manuela McLean and combining a unique mix of zoology psychology, elite level competition experience and international coaching, this revolutionary work is the first ever horse training system that is evidence-based (founded on objective scientific research rather than opinion) and therefore ethical (conflict-free) sustainable (works for all horses) and efficient (accelerates learning to optimal levels).

These DVDs support the McLeans books - Academic Horse Training and The Truth About Horses. They are essential additions to the knowledge base of anyone interested in training theirhorse more humanely The evidence-based principles are proven and are used successfully by elite competitors through to pleasure riders throughout the world.

Professionally produced and presented by Nicki Stuart student of Academic Horse Training equestrian journalist and coach this three-DVD set stands apart from any other horse trainingresource. It will inform your training improve your horses performance and well-being and serve you well into the future.

Equitation Science in Practice. A comprehensive overview of the principles theory and application of Academic Horse Training.

Training In Hand. A thorough practical and relevantexplanation of how to train in hand. Attention to this component has been shown to improve general behaviour and the performance of ridden horses.

Training Under Saddle. How to apply AcademicHorse Training successfully when riding. Illustrated by real-life examples using a variety of horses in training at the McLeans Australian Equine Behaviour Centre

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