Outback Stations - PB

Outback Stations - PB


The Life and Times of Australia's Biggest Cattle and Sheep Properties! By best-selling author Evan McHugh
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ISBN: 9780670075454Format: PaperbackSeries: AustralianaPages: 288 pagesCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: McHugh, EvanPublisher: PenguinAge Group: General AdultSize: 15 x 23 cms
1st Edition
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Equitainment's Comments

Evan McHughs books are popular with so many people and I know this one will be no different. This book takes a look some of Australia's greatest outback stations including;

-Bowen Downs Station
-Lake Nash Station
-Brunette Downs Station
-Alexandria Station
-Victoria River Downs Station-
-Wave Hill Station
-Crown Point Station
-Adria Downs Station
-Headingly Station
-Commonwealth Hill Station
-Anna Creek Station

Product Overview

'From the helicopter I could see the property's waterholes surrounded by paperbark trees, its red-stone cliffs lit by the rising sun. And grass, endless seas of grass.

Here was the vision splendid: Nat Buchanan's grass castle. Gurindji country. And my country, Australia.'

This is big country, the outback, home to the largest cattle and sheep stations in the world. Yet as these properties are closed to visitors, few of us know what goes on behind the farm gate. So what's life really like when next door is 500 kilometres away, and mustering livestock in their tens of thousands, backbreaking physical labour, and dealing with extreme heat and long hours is all in a day's work? And why would these tough stockmen and women not have it any other way?

Best-selling author Evan McHugh gets behind the wheel of his four-wheel drive to find out. Given special access to these properties, Evan goes behind the scenes at Adria Downs in the dead heart of Central Australia, helps drove cattle from the air at Wave Hill and gets a lesson in trapping dingoes at the remote Commonwealth Hill station. Following in the footsteps of the pioneering greats, Evan reveals the fascinating history of these outback stations, and what it takes to work on one today.

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