My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Thats What Friends Are For (Vol 2) - DVD

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Thats What Friends Are For (Vol 2) - DVD


5 Episodes of the new 2010 TV series
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ISBN: DVMLPTWFARV2Format: PAL DVDSeries: My Little PonyCountry of Origin: USAPublisher: HasbroAge Group: Young Children
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This is the most recent TV show of the ever popular My Little Pony series. I was recently looking at my beautiful god-daughter Brynnin's My Little Pony collection, and was blown away by how cool it is. There were entire cities that could be built with the models and the accessories were fabulous.

Forget about dressing up your Bratz ... My Little Pony leaves them for dead!

Jode xxxx (Aunty)

Product Overview

Twilight Sparkles friends can be helpful, they can be supportive and they can be great company but sometimes her friends can be downright hard work!

Fluttershys timidness, Raritys perfection, Applejacks straight-talking and Pinkie Pies free-spiritedness can be a source of frustration for poor Twilight Sparkle but she realises that although the gang can drive her to distraction, she loves them all and they mean the world to her.

5 Episodes:

Boast Busters
Look Before you sleep
Bridle Gossip
Swarm of the Century

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