Raven Speak - PB

Raven Speak - PB


An exciting story set in the times of the Vikings. Not for the faint hearted!
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Code: DLWISBN: 9781416986546Format: PaperbackPages: 247 pagesCountry of Origin: USAAuthor: Wilson, Diane LeePublisher: McElderryAge Group: Young AdultSize: 14 x 21 cms
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I'm a really big fan of all the Diane Lee Wilson books, but they aren't for the faint hearted. They are brilliantly written, very exciting and educational ... I can't think of a better way of learning about history than through a rivetting story. They are however pretty graphic in places and although they are recommend for ages 12 and up, if your child is sensitive I'd leave it until fourteen or so.

This one is set in Viking days and is as exciting as the earlier books. I'd love to tell you what happens but of course I won't spoil the story. Let me just say that I still haven't recovered from the way Asa manages to save herself from a life-threatening situation. STREWTH and CRIKEY!

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Asa Coppermane is the proud daughter of a Viking chief. Asa and her horse, Rune, are creatures of the sea and the cold northern lands. But this winter has been the worst one Asa has ever seen.

Her father and the other men have gone to sea to search for food, leaving behind the women and children, many sick with fever. Also left behind is Jorgen, the clan's wise man. His stories are meant to comfort them all, but Asa suspects that what Jorgen really wants is power.

Now that her father is gone, Jorgen demands Asa give up Rune -- for food, and as a sacrifice to the gods. When Jorgen comes to kill Rune, Asa fights him off and she and the horse flee. They find shelter with a one-eyed old woman who speaks to her two pet ravens, and who seems to have a strange power over Asa.

The old woman hints that Asa must make a sacrifice to save her clan -- but how? And what kind of sacrifice? What are the secrets of the raven speak?

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