Heartland Season 4 Part 1 -TV Series - DVD

Heartland Season 4 Part 1 -TV Series - DVD


The drama's continue in everyone's favourite TV series.
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ISBN: DVHLANDS4P1Format: PAL DVDSeries: HeartlandStarring: Amber Marshall, Chris Potter, Michelle Morgan, Shaun JohnstonCountry of Origin: CanadaAuthor: Brooke, LaurenYear Published: 2010DVD Region: Region 4 (Australia)Age Group: Family
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I'm soooooooo excited ..... SEASON 4 IS FINALLY ON IT'S WAY! It's due for release on the 6th September 2012. Make sure you pre-order it now so you don't miss out on the first day.

I hope this means the Christmas movie will be coming soon too. I think it fits in at the end of Season 4 and between Season 5.

Jody xxxx

Product Overview

Set against the majestic splendour of the Rocky Mountains, Heartland is a sprawling family drama that follows the Fleming sisters Amy and Lou, through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch.

A few months have passed since Lou and Peters wedding and since Ty left Heartland to find himself. When he returns on his motorcycle with an attractive girl riding on the back, his relationship with Amy becomes very complicated. At the ranch, Jack is left to do the bulk of the ranch work but begins to doubt his abilities after suffering an injury.

After moving to Dubai with Peter, Lou is feeling homesick and decides to surprise the family with an impromptu trip home. Tim purchases a new racehorse causing Jack and Tim to butt heads as they always, have. Jacks other constant thorn in his side Mallory is getting older and is more distracted by boys.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Caleb return from their honeymoon on the rodeo circuit, with a surplus of love and a shortage of cash, giving Ashleys mother, Val, a chance to interfere once again. Scott Cardinal, the local veterinarian, returns as Tys mentor, and he has to display patience with his protege when Ty loses his way.

Season 4, Episode 1: Homecoming
Lou is in Dubai. Caleb & Ashley are on the circuit, and Amy has just returned from the Ring of Fire tour and Jack is glad that folks are coming home as the ranch is too much for him by himself. Then, Amy is disappointed that Ty's homecoming doesn't go as planned when he shows up with a female "friend" on the back of his motorcycle.

Season 4, Episode 2: What Dreams May Become
Nick Harwell is having trouble with his polo pony and Amy, Scott and Ty get involved. But will Nick's wealthy patron allow Nick to follow their advice? Meanwhile Lou is home for a visit. She's upset that the dude ranch has been neglected and Dubai may not be all that she thought it would be.

Season 4, Episode 3: Road Curves
Mrs. Bell has an accident in her pony cart and Ty needs to treat Sugarfoot at Heartland. Lou has extended her stay at the ranch and is ducking calls from Peter who's still in Dubai. Chase shows up at the ranch and wants Amy to do a clinic with him. Ashley wants to host a birthday dinner for her Mother despite Caleb's misgivings.

Season 4, Episode 4: Graduation
As graduation looms, change comes to Heartland. Amy is offered a full scholarship at a university in Colorado. To Mallory's chagrin, Badger comes to work as a hand at the ranch. Lou and Tim arrange a deal to sell the dude ranch to Lisa. After several pointed suggestions from her mother, Ashley thinks about her future life with Caleb.

Season 4, Episode 5: Where the Truth Lies
Peter returns from Dubai to find out what's going on with Lou. Sarah "Crazy" Craven's old horse is not well and Sarah brings it to Heartland. Mallory and Badger go back to the Craven place to feed the other animals but end up getting trapped there.

Season 4, Episode 6: Win, Place or Show
When Tim decides not to enter his horse in the big race, Janice his jockey/girl-friend agrees to ride for a competitor. Badger buys a car but finds out that its stolen and has to get rid of it before Jack finds out. When Soroya starts managing the dude ranch, Ashley wants to be promoted to manager at the café.

Season 4, Episode 7: Jackpot!
When Caleb needs some cash for a down-payment on his trailer lot he enters a team roping event. Amy is upset when he asks Kit to be his roping partner. Meanwhile Badger is trying to interpret the mixed signals he's getting from Mallory about their relationship status. Tim considers selling Lightning Dexter, his race horse, rather than keeping it through its convalescence period.

Season 4, Episode 8: One Day

Season 4, Episode 9: Local Hero

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