Silver Brumby's Daughter - HB

Silver Brumby's Daughter - HB


A rare first edition for all Silver Brumby book collectors
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Code: USBFormat: HardbackSeries: Silver BrumbyPages: 239 pagesCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Mitchell, ElynePublisher: HutchinsonAge Group: ChildrenSize: 14 x 20 cms
1st Edition
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Equitainment's Comments

This is a first edition hardback published in 1960 by Hutchinson. The dustcover is intact but does have some missing with tears and shows signs of wear. The book itself is in very good condition with all pages intact and tighly bound. The original sellers details are on the inside front cover.

Product Overview

The sky was silver blue. Kurrawongs were calling each other high and clear when Kunama, daughter of Thowra, The Silver Brumby, saw Tambo, the black stallion, magnificent in the daybreak.

In such a moment, Kunama forgot her fears; fears which drove her fleet foot over hte snowgrass and up the fierce grey crags; fears which made her long for the protection of Thowra, whose name was now a legend among men.

In this thrilling saga of the Australian bush, the brumbies gallop in wild freedom over the great white, shining plain, leaving the safety of their Secret Valley for the mysterious, compelling attraction of the mountains.

Kunama's story, all that happened to her, is movingly beautifully told, and those who read and enjoyed so much The Silver Brumby will meet here old friends as well as new.

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