King of Texas - DVD

King of Texas - DVD


A western take on Shakespeare's KING LEAR!
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ISBN: DVKOTFormat: PAL DVDRated: PGStarring: Colm Meaney, David Alan Grier, Julie Cox, Lauren Holly, Marcia Gay Harden, Patrick Bergin, Patrick Stewart, Roy Scheider,Running Time: 105 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Uli EdelYear Published: 2002DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General Adult
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Cattle baron John Lear(Patrick Stewart )owns a Texas ranch almost as large as the state itself, spanning several days' travel in any direction.

But as time wearies theaging magnate Lear knows it's time to divvy up his spread and share it with his three loving daughters.

With so much land on offer it is only a matter of time before rivalry rears it ugly head and two of the sisters are ready to go head-to-head for dominance and majority control of the family inheritance.

Ingeniously adapted from William Shakespeare's classic play King Lear, King of Texas is a dust-filled, gun-slinging drama about loyalty and greed and the ties that bind. Marcia Gay Harden (Miller's Crossing), Lauren Holly (What Women Want)and Julie Cox (The Oxford Murders) play Lear's feuding offspring, joining a splendid cast that includes Roy Scheider, Colm Meaney, Patrick Bergin, Steven Bauerand David Alan Grier.

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