Brumby Mountain - PB

Brumby Mountain - PB


The 5th Book in the Diamond Spirit Series!
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Code: DS05ISBN: 9781742378633Format: SoftcoverSeries: Diamond SpiritPages: 252Country of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Wood, KarenPublisher: Allen and UnwinAge Group: Young Adult (Tenagers)Size: 13 x 20 pages
1st Edition
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'I’m really excited about Brumby Mountain because I really think it’s the best DS I’ve written so far. It has Jess and Luke galloping around the mountains in the snow, saving wild horses. Like the first three books it has a strong sense of place and a connection to the land where the story is set. It also goes right back to Luke’s origins and takes him back to the small town where he was born. I travelled to some fantastic places to research the book and met some wonderful people who are involved in saving Australia’s wild horses. I’m really hoping that the book will raise awareness of the plight of brumbies, their true ancestry and how they have helped us build a nation. I also hope it will debunk popular beliefs and romantic notions about brumby running.' KAREN WOOD

Karen has said she feels this in the best book yet, and I totally agree with her. It's really exciting from start to finish and I learnt heaps about the plight of the Brumbies. The way they are treated by some people is horrific, but then again they do damage a lot of native areas. Their numbers need to be humanely managed but in a country as big as ours is, it's not an easy feat. It's a really difficult topic and Karen has handled it brilliantly.

Jody xxxx

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In this fifth book in the warm-hearted Diamond Spirit series, Jess and Luke are out to foil the brumby runners who so callously trap wild mountain horses and leave them broken and traumatised.

Jess ran out to the front gate. 'What are you doing? Where are you going?'
'I'm going to stop those brumby runners.' Luke wrenched open the door of the ute and climbed in.
'What brumby runners? You don't even know who they are or where they come from.'
'I know where the horses come from.'

When Luke brings home a truckload of traumatised brumbies, some with horrific injuries, Jess agrees that something must be done. Can Jess, Luke and their friends foil the runners and save the wild mountain horses from their cruel fate? And in going back to Matty's Flat, will Luke discover where he really belongs?

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