War Horse - DVD

War Horse - DVD


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ISBN: DVWARHFormat: PAL DVDRated: MStarring: Emily Watson, Jeremy Irvine, Niels Arestrup, Peter MullanRunning Time: 141 minsCountry of Origin: USADirector: Steven SpielbergPublisher: DreamworksYear Published: 2011DVD Region: 4 (Australia)Age Group: TEENAGERS
Equitainment Recommended
Fella Friendly
Warning: Tissues Required

Equitainment's Comments

I've noticed it's been given an M rating in Australia (it's PG-13 in the USA) but if your younger children are pretty tough, then I think it should be ok for them the watch. It's no where near as gorey as Speilburgs other war efforts like "Saving Private Ryan" or "The Pacific", but there are some sad horse moments.

The filming is stunning and although it didn't end up winning any Acadamey Awards, it was at least nominated which is a very big thing for a horse movie. It certainly is a must have for your collection and sure to become a horsy classic in years to come. I can't wait until the stage show opens here in Australia. I'm sure it will be spectacular :-)

Jody xxx

Product Overview

The extraordinary journey of courage and friendship as seen through the eyes of one unforgettable horse named Joey and his miraculous journey to find his way back home.

War Horse, which received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Original Score, Best Art Direction, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing, will be available to own and for in-home viewing in Australia on the 2nd May 2012.

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