Storm Boy (Anniversary Edition) - DVD

Storm Boy (Anniversary Edition) - DVD
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ISBN: DVSBOYFormat: PAL DVDRated: GStarring: David Gulpillil, Greg RoweRunning Time: 88 MinsCountry of Origin: AustraliaAuthor: Theile, ColinDirector: Henri SafranYear Published: 1976DVD Region: 4 (Aust)Age Group: Children
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I loved this film so much when I was young. I had the biggest crush on David Gulpillil so watched anything of his I possibly coud, but adored the story as well. I still think of Mr Percival everytime I see a pelican. It's a lovely family movie, suitable for all ages.

Jody xxx

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Storm Boy lives with his recluse father on South Australia's lonely and beautiful coast. Here his free spirit roams with his pet pelican Mr Percival and his secret Aboriginal friend, Fingerbone Bill.

Suddenly there are intruders, the local school teacher who wants him to take lessons, a resentful wildlife ranger, and duck shooters. As he grows up Storm Boy is forced to choose between a life of continued isolation and the challenges of the outside world.

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