Vivian Bullwinkel - DVD

Vivian Bullwinkel - DVD


An Australian legend.
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ISBN: DVVBFormat: PAL DVDSeries: AustralianaRated: PGRunning Time: 54 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaYear Published: 2007DVD Region: 4 (Aust)Age Group: General
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Vivian Bullwinkel is one of the great Australians of the 20th Century. Bullwinkel lived life to the full; as a Second World War Australian army nursing sister, a POW, a survivor and as a beloved matron.

She was also highly regarded in the community as an elder states woman of Australian nursing.

During her long and successful career, Vivian Bullwinkel also threw her energies into furthering the nursing profession. She rose to become the president of the Royal College of Nursing Australia and was one of the key players in the push to create university education for nurses.

Through interviews from Bullwinkels friends, Bullwinkel herself, historians and prisoners of war, this film is a testament to the life of one of Australias greatest unsung heroes.

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