Tony Robinson Explores Australia - DVD

Tony Robinson Explores Australia - DVD
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ISBN: DVTREAFormat: PAL DVDSeries: AustralianaRated: PGStarring: Tony Robinson,Running Time: 312 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaYear Published: 2011DVD Region: 4 (Australia)Age Group: General
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From the first sighting by a wayward buccaneer all the way through to the Sydney Olympics, Australia has been influenced by many cultures.

Now Tony Robinson (Time Team; The Worst Jobs In History; Blackadder) brings his distinctive passion for storytelling and discovery to reveal some astonishing quirks of history on the island continent.

Filmed on location around Australia, Tony is joined on his mammoth journey by some of Australia's foremost historians and writers including Tim Flannery; Thomas Keneally; Eric Wilmott and Geoffrey Blainey. From the search to identify the Great Southern Land through the colonial trials and tribulations right up to the establishment of a dynamic modern Australia Tony Robinson covers a huge amount of ground as he reveals the key events and major influences that define Australia - and Australians - today.

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Great doco, learnt more than at school.

Tasha, S.A
Nov 2018