Paradise Road - DVD

Paradise Road - DVD


Directed by Bruce Berresford
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ISBN: DVPROADFormat: PAL DVDRunning Time: 122 minsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Bruce BerresfordYear Published: 1997DVD Region: 4 (Australia)Age Group: General Adult
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Based on actual events, this is the story of a group of Australian, British and Dutch women who, after the fall of Singapore in 1942, were held captive by the Japanese on the island of Sumatra.

Herded into a brutal prisoner of war camp, the women soon discovered only the fittest, the strongest and the bravest could possibly survive such inhumane conditions.

Stripped of everything they had, their irrepressible courage led them to find one voice, a vocal orchestra, singing music written for piano or orchestra. A voice that ultimately expressed their indomitable, unbreakable spirit.

Featuring a superb cast of International and Australian stars including Oscar nominees Glenn Close and Pauline Collins and 1996 Academy Award winner Frances McDormand. With Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Ehle and Julianna Margulies.

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