Red Dog - DVD

Red Dog - DVD


Set to become an all-time Aussie classic.
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ISBN: DVRDFormat: PAL DVDRated: PGStarring: Josh Luca, Rachael Taylor, and KOKORunning Time: 89 MinsCountry of Origin: AustraliaDirector: Kriv StendersYear Published: 2011DVD Region: 4 (Aust)Age Group: Family
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More than man's best friend. A mate to the entire community.

It's the film that captivated cinema audiences across the nation and became an instant Aussie classic. Funny, moving and a total charmer, Red Dog is the incedible true story of the wandering, dust-covered Kelpie who hitched his way to the mining town of Dampier and into the hearts of each and every one of it's residents.

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