Gunsmoke Movie Collection - DVD

Gunsmoke Movie Collection - DVD


5 Movie Length Adventures on 5 DVD's
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ISBN: DVGMCFormat: NTSC DVDSeries: GunsmokeRated: MStarring: James ArnessRunning Time: 465 minutesCountry of Origin: USADVD Region: 4 (Australia)Age Group: General Adult
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James Arness established legendary lawman Marshal Matt Dillon and made him a household name between 1955 and 1975 featuring in 634 episodes of the landmark western TV series Gunsmoke.

A respected and courageous lawman with a keen sense of justice Marshal Dillon ensured a peaceful existence for the town folk of Dodge City Kansas for many years until his eventual retirement.

Despitea lifetime of law enforcement under his well-worn belt Marshal Dillon is now thrust back into the thick of the action to once again restore peace encounter new friends and face old enemies in a series of five feature-length adventures that will not only test his considerable skills but sharpen his rugged resolve.

In RETURN TO DODGE Matt Dillon finds himself pursued by an enemy from his past who vows to settle an old score.

THE LAST APACHE calls Dillon into action to seek out and rescue his long-lost daughter who has been kidnapped in a violent raid.

TO THE LAST MAN places a battle-weary Dillon in the middle of a bloody range war with vigilante ranchers on his back.

THE LONG RIDE places pressure on Dillon to clear his name after a case of mistaken identity declares him wanted: dead or alive.

ONE MAN'S JUSTICE leads Dillon on a perilous journey to fend for a young man in search of vengeance.

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