Victorian Farm - DVD

Victorian Farm - DVD


Step back in time to a lost era of farming!
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ISBN: DVVFFormat: PAL DVDRunning Time: 354 MinutesCountry of Origin: UKYear Published: 2009DVD Region: All RegionAge Group: General
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Three people step back in time to live for a full year as Victorian era farmers in the UK complete with period costumes, tools and living.

It's not all horsy, but there are some lovely moments with working horses ploughing and generally working the farm. The pair of grey Shire horses are just stunning and it's so interesting watching the way the horse-drawn ploughs and harrows worked.

I really enjoyed this DVD and learnt a whole heap too's well worth having in your collection.
Jody xxx

Product Overview

This new 6 part TV series took the UK by storm when it was first screened by the BBC in 2009. The team of historical experts re-create and live for a year on a working Victorian Farm using only the resources available 150 years ago.

In Victorian Farm a specialist team - Ruth Goodman Peter Ginn and Alex Langlands - have devoted a year of their lives to re-creating life in a 19th century rural environment.

From the warmth of summer to the depths of winter the clock has been turned back over a hundred years to rediscover this almost forgotten world. From planting and harvesting crops to animal husbandry; from building pigsties to bee-keeping; from tree-felling to driving steam engines and operating period machinery this hardy group - in their search for the authentic experience - undertook it all wearing period costumes and using only tools and materials available in 1885.

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