Riding Tornado - DVD

Riding Tornado - DVD


Based on a True Story!
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ISBN: DVRTORFormat: PALRated: MStarring: Danny Keogh, Quintin Krog, Lean Van Den BerghRunning Time: 110 minsCountry of Origin: South AfricaDirector: Regardt van den BerghYear Published: 2009DVD Region: 4 (Australia)
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Riding Tornado is a true life story of patience, endurance and passion.

Directed by Regardt van den Bergh, the picture tells the story of two damaged souls: Pierre, a depressed and damaged young man and Tornado, an emotionally tormented horse.

Sensing Tornado's potential, Pierre travels to Noenieput, in the Groen Kalahari, to find Barrie Burger, a horse whisperer. With Barrie's advice, Pierre and Tornado embark on a journey of healing and self discovery, one that will change their lives forever. Together they embark on a journey of healing.

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